Social Media Marketing
For Luxurious Furniture Brand
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Social Media

Palazzo - The Furniture Lounge comes together with the Wolfable to take their social media presence to one level up. As Palazzo's furniture are luxury goods, its market is associated with classy or affluent people. Through social media creatives, we showed the product's quality and craftsmanship in such a way, it connects the right audience and justifies the brand image. The existing competitors were just only focusing on the product image, but we went one step ahead and added product centric content with appealing visuals. This move not only increased engagement rate but established a distinct presence in the digital world with more share & save.

We optimized the hashtag strategy which helped us to get higher engagement in the product ranking. To carry the product to the interior and architecture segmentation we did the paid advertisement. Once it targeted the respective audience we got the desired leads and awareness that converted into a great footfall with high inquiries.

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