Social Media Marketing
For Pharma Industry

Social Media

Embracing the Digital Platform

Bactafree, an esteemed pharmaceutical brand, partnered with Wolfable to launch their social media campaign. The company’s objective was to build a strong communication link with the audience and raise brand awareness. Although Bactafree is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry, it was their first stride in the social media marketing sphere and they entrusted the responsibility with Wolfable.

A Dreaded Hurdle

Given the sensitive & influential nature of the pharma industry, the task of social media marketing proved to be quite a challenge for the Wolfable team. But we stood up to the challenge and met with the task head-on. We did not shy away from investing resources in industry research to craft a perfect social media strategy for our client.

Defying The Odds

The Wolfable team resorted to the creative use of the designing tools and content to create a powerful image of the brand. With a combination of conceptual designs & striking copies, we managed to successfully get the brand message across the audience in a creative & direct manner. Versatility in content (such as Medical Facts, Health Awareness, Innovative approach in promotional posts) helped strengthen the social media profile of the brand.

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