Pharma Company SEO - Boosted Traffic & Improve Conversion Rate By 50% In 6 Months

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Bactafree (Healthcare Pharma Company) wanted to make their online presence using the website and attract more customers through search engine optimization. Worthful healthcare product that needs to get an acknowledgement by online users. The main approach was to reach more users and provide them the best. To get search engine optimization work done Bactafree Partnered with Wolfable.


When It comes to pharma company SEO there are many difficulties regarding the country-specific law and few search engines have their own policies in this category. We need a strong plan to make sure we fulfill the laws and policies before forwarding an inch. Apart from that, the main competitors were E-commerce sites and other healthcare brands. Also, people are less aware of the product and don't have the habit of searching for such products and more the remaining suitable users, the PPC is a boxing ring. Tackling it with all organically is the main challenge that we accepted.


While the pharma industries have limited and specific audiences we made our approach in two directions,

  1. Pharma Industry (Dealers and Suppliers )
  2. End User

The industry side was strong from the start so we followed the 80 - 20 rule and shifted our focus mostly on the users. With highly specified keywords we started publishing the content that was mostly in the users' minds. By creating awareness and providing solution of the problem we started gaining some organic traffic. For publishing and listing, we selected only healthcare and pharma related domains. To achieve the good conversion we optimized the on-page and interlined the pages that creates a clear path to conversion with 2 stages:
#1. Identity problem and provide solution
#2. Get more detailed information along with solution

By collectively implement all the strategies we boosted the site traffic and conversion by 50%.

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