Raising A USA
Chicken Sandwich Brand Through
Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Super Chix - Chicken & Custard

Super Chix, an American fast-food chain specializing in Chicken Sandwich, approached Wolfable for the social media marketing of its outlet in Hoover, Alabama. With a primary focus on Facebook and Instagram, they sought to disseminate their brand image of 'Ultimate Chicken Joint' to the current and prospective audience, thereby promoting brand awareness.

Considering the nature of the industry and the given demographics, we adopted an informal approach to our content strategy. For designing social media creatives, we focused on leveraging the original food-product images to create strikingly appealing creatives. More notably, we applied the (4:5) aspect ratio as against the general (1:1) ratio to bring a distinctive look and feel to the food images.

The result was a dynamic, engaging, and equally delicious to look at social media profile, a piece of which is shared here.

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