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Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. connected with Wolfable to mark its presence in the online and offline market. The purpose was to create an audience base by targeting local, national and international clients. The project needed a well established notable presence in the industry along with great merit to the competitor. The gap between the people and the product attributes should be less. So we needed to create better communication so that the gap can be narrowed.


Although Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has unbeatable products, it also has a wide range product lineup. So the task is to design strong communication from three-level (local-national-international) to manufacturer and users so that all the products can be communicated efficiently. We needed to break the communication barrier by using a language that can sync with the customers' buying behaviour. Also, we want to make sure that in every product page we can show the product videos, pictures, installed machine pictures and graphical working representation which fulfil the complete demand of the user. Creating a base and improving in the upcoming 6 months was the goal to achieve. To reach the targeted audience effectively we had to brainstorm so that we can reach a creative solution with a major boost in ranking.


Even though we had reached the primary level target in the local and national level, we needed to push harder to compete internationally with the existing competitors and move forward. The goal is quite far from us and we knew that until we make an effective SEO strategy we can't go ahead. So we needed to improve the quality of the content along with the page optimization. With the high authoritative presence in the home country, we started building our brand internationally. With the help of web 2.0 and our content research team, we published a range of blog posts covering numbers of topics, to compete with the rival. Implementation of the content marketing strategy and all product promotion is done. After analyzing the competitor's site and the content, we provided a complete solution for the user such that they do not need to go anywhere once they visit (landed) the page.

Along with these, we started offering distributorship to the companies who have a solid market base in their home country. These companies should have the potential to sell our products. We launched the distribution programme for them. So we set up our strong presence with distributors in countries like Dubai, USA and Canada. This expansion helped us to establish a trustworthy image. Once we got their address, we started doing local SEO in a particular country.

After that, we conducted keyword research and targeted all the keywords having high search volume where the competitors lack. Same with related and long term keywords, the website started to rank in highly competitive keywords using this strategy.

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