To Highlight It Measures, Remold Lengthy Content Into Carousels

Lead Generation

for information sharing

The IT industry is a big fascination for the student as a career choice. And Ireland is the hub of top tech giant corporations including Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. But there is a gap in proper information transmission. Here we stepped in, we presented the crucial facts about Dublin based IT industries through the carousel. For that, we wrote down the broad perspective about Irish IT industry and cut down into the small pieces of information. After the sorting, we encapsulated all the pieces into the carousel. It gives more room to tell the viewers about the complete message in just a quick view. As the slide changes the user's curiosity, knowledge significance, viewer motivation to act boosts.

for marketing

French education consultancy is a highly competitive industry. Even though Edugo Abroad is the leader in the market we needed to create a distinctive appeal for French education aspirants so that it can stand apart from the existing competition. For that, we sort the content and connect it through the thread of the storytelling in the carousel. We did the positive appealing with the informative content. We made the entire series as convincing that it enforced users to click to the next slide.

for engaging

At the end of the year, we went through quite interesting content to engage the user. By keeping the theme of a film reel, we reviewed the entire year's achievement through carousel slides. It didn't only keep the user connected but also revealed all the year's activity through the simple slide exhibition. To make each slide more effective and persuasive we used facts as numbers. It worked as a trigger to get the readers to pay attention to content. It immediately hooked the reader's interest.

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