Facebook Ad With 70% Conversion Rate From 9091 Leads

Lead Generation


Bactafree partnered with Wolfable to generate quality leads during COVID - 19 global pandemic. A Company with a traditional marketing background came with a vision to get high-quality leads and create a brand image in the stakeholders on Facebook and Instagram. The object was crystal clear, attracting users having potential in converting as clients or distributors.

While some are exploiting the situation and misinforming peoples, it is our duty to provide the right guidance and literate the fellows. As a brand with decades of experience in the industry, the campaign is more than just brand awareness.


While the terms are not that casual for normal audience, we have to first literate them and then show our product. In the period, there is a buzz of the words but everyone has their own belief for it. Providing a definition and getting the trust of users while other competitors' wild advertisement is itself a challenge.

Targeting For the qualified audience is part of brainstorming because suddenly everyone is interested in the term (disinfectant and sanitizer). Sorting the audience from them is the real challenge.


We targeted all the potential audiences in India to make sure the ad is visible to all who are interested in such a product. An audience within the related fields, interest and potential peoples are more likely to convert in this target group. The age is also an impacting factor. We made it broad to make sure the combination of the interesting field and age will justify the ad copy so the interested people get the knowledge about the product.

With our previous date, we found that users like to get things easy and quick. So the medium of the call to action is set to Facebook Messenger for user convenience, instead of submitting a form or directing to the website, which helped us more according to the stats.

By taking these points in mind, we created an ad copy with visuals and content that itself sort out the user. With a product and its use in the live image, it pins in users' subconscious mind to stop on it. While most others are showing the product, we decided to go with the real-life image to have more attraction.

Finally, in the ad copy, we added text with a link to "Learn More" which redirects users on the website page for detailed information. While the Ad CTA of "Send Message" is for those who are interested to know more about the product or made their mind to buy it.

Final Performance Statistics:

  • 17091 Spent Over 1 Month
  • 9090 Leads Generated at 1.81 CPL
  • 70% Conversation Rate
  • 85% Decrease In Overall Cost Per Leads From An Average Of Rs.12 To An Average Of 1.8

To get a better response we can improve the completion rate, but as per the initial acknowledgement, these numbers are quite satisfied.

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