Drive Brand Recognization & Create Awareness Through Facebook

Lead Generation


Sujal Engineering is a leading pump manufacturing company. As the digital world is booming, they approached Wolfable to give their business a Facebook presence. Through their Facebook presence, they want to share content, build awareness and drive the user engagements so that they can connect with a large audience, grow their network, increase their brand visibility to reach the potential buyers.


The audiences of Sujal Engineering are the layperson who aren’t much into technical expertise. So the post needed to be creative yet more simple so that it can be understood easily. To reach the viewers was not the only purpose, the real challenge is to engage them through the personal touch. Within Facebook communities, we want to strengthen the brand loyalty that not only increases the followers but compel them to do the business.


After identifying the pulse of our audience we decided to go with simple instructive posts that not only give product information but also interest them. We carried out product benefits over the feature to engage the viewers. We also used the Hindi language in some posts so that it can be made convenient and reach a larger audience. Realistic visual and industrial pictures were the key way to connect the users.

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