A Modernized Catalogue Design For The Industry Leader

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Adinath Steel approached Wolfable to design a skillfully shaped catalogue for their trade fair participation. The catalogue was supposed to be informative that gives all the necessary information about the product to the potential client and also reveals the distinct way of doing business among existing competitors. The purpose of the catalogue is the products should be understood as quickly as possible and should be appreciated for its design.


The task was to design an instructive catalogue with a perfect layout, in both hard and soft form, that not only adhere to the audience's eyes but also generate an interest to go through the entire prospect. Its visuals needed to be appealing. So that it can convert potential clients into buyers, therefore we needed to create a harmony between text, picture, and colors with a most appropriate theme.


Our team sat together to do research & brainstorm with a wide array of designs to create a distinctive look of the catalogue. We preferred to go with a clean look to make it reader-friendly. Its clean look also gave it a classy appearance. We used blue as a pleasant colour and embedded the smooth graphics which resonate with the text content. Through minimal and simplified effect we crafted the entire catalogue in such a way that it communicated a clear message and perfectly stood to the client's expectation.

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