Branding Solution For Wood Engraving Company

Brand Solution


Wood Artwork joined up with Wolfable to create a distinctive branding & stationery design work with a unique oneself in the existing market. Our task was to create a personality for Wood Artwork which suits the company's product and service that grabs the attention of the audience and gives a detailed idea in just a small glance.


The core value of Wood Artwork comes from the product or services that the company offers to its customer. Our task was to create a combined brand image whose all substitutes reflect the core value of the company's product & service. Wood Artwork has mastery in engraving work on doors and windows, we needed to be portrayed the same as its digital identity.


To show the services of Wood Artwork in its digital presence we designed the logo in such a way that it looks like the marquetry. We calligraphed the tree in its logo. We branded the company's personality with beautiful wooden patterns and the colour of Classic Walnut.

Work With Wolfable