7K Watch Hours &
4.4K Subscribers -
YouTube Video Success

Video Advertising


Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. came on board with Wolfable to market its video among the target audience through its YouTube channel. The aim was to grow the viewership of the video so that a loyal subscriber base can be created. We want to develop organic traffic on the video in order to display detailed product information to audiences. Intending to get general quality leads we want to penetrate the existing customer market through our video.


To make the entire context simple for the layman we needed to use the common technical term so that it seems relatable. Therefore the task is to wrap the video in a simplified way with clear visual and easy context. As the product quality is good, the challenge is to display the same quality on-screen in such a way that it looks customer's pennyworth. To get more subscribers without any paid activity we want to carry an indulging video on the YouTube platform.


To reach the target audience and retain their attention for the longer duration we used the local language for our video narration and title. The video covered all the factors related to product display and the working process. The thumbnail is created in such a way that it raised curiosity among the YouTube user and converted them into our viewer. We added targeted meta tags to reach the audience who are looking for such kinds of products. With a perfect strategy, the video has uploaded that results in 7K Watch Hours & 4.4K Subscribers.

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